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When thinking of Scotland, impressions and expectations are often created by the numerous films which capitalised on the stunning scenery; Skyfall, Braveheart, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Chariots of Fire, Local Hero, The Da Vinci Code, and Harry Potter are among the many created in Scotland.

MacLean & Bruce

Many visitors come to Scotland to indulge in sport; from fishing and shooting to golf in the natural and spiritual home of the game. While these are among the more obvious attractions to Scotland, a wide range of other activities can also be organised. Off-road driving, cycling, sailing and quad-biking are among the more adventurous. Spa days, shopping, food and drink pairings and tastings or cultural pursuits for a more relaxing experience.

MacLean & Bruce

The continually rising global popularity of whisky also plays a large part in attracting visitors, and with the number of distilleries steadily growing there is no shortage of producers to visit or produce to enjoy. The phrase ‘It’s not what you know, but who you know’, applies when it comes to enjoying ‘The Water of Life’. Personal introductions to the distillers, tastings of rare drams, and mentoring with world-leading expert Charles MacLean of MacLean & Bruce are as much fun and illuminating for the well-practiced palate as for the uninitiated.

MacLean & Bruce

The natural landscape plays a crucial part in the abundant natural produce which is best enjoyed locally, but recognised for it’s premium quality all over the world. Seafood, beef, game, artisan cheeses, fruit and vegetables, honey, oils – the list goes on – are all treated with great skill by an ever increasing number of Michelin starred chefs in Scotland. Scotland’s fine culinary heritage continues to evolve, and superb food can be found even in the most remote locations.

MacLean & Bruce

Scores of castles on both the mainland and islands, ruined as well as inhabited, are visual reminders of Scotland’s history of violent wars and affluent peace. Guests can enjoy a truly unforgettable experience by staying in their own castle; castles which combine tradition with comfort, antiquity with the mod cons expected by today’s discerning traveller. Whether arriving by helicopter, sea plane, boat or by road, a warm welcome will be always be waiting, and a relaxed country house-party atmosphere created. Time amongst friends.

MacLean & Bruce

As a luxury destination which is just a short flight from London, Scotland has much to offer. With privileged access to experiences in Scotland that no other company can reach, MacLean & Bruce , stand D32 at the Fair, welcome guests to savour the finest that Scotland has to offer. Exclusive-use properties, luxury travel, great entertainment; all tailored in a bespoke itinerary and delivered in style. Don’t miss Charles MacLean in The Meet the Experts Theatre with Celebrity Cruises on Friday 7th November (15.15-16.00) for a truly unique insight into Scotch Whisky (sponsored by Adelphi Distillery).

MacLean & Bruce

MacLean & Bruce


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