Hotels Vs Luxury Villas

A lot of people are now finding that hotels are far too impersonal for their vacations so are looking for more unique and quirky properties instead. Of course, you may not get room service, but you do get an amazing home for the week with plenty of space for friends and family. So it’s no wonder people are preferring this to the standard hotel choices now.

Allissa Marks rented a villa for her wedding in the South of France, and said it made the day even more magical. And what could be more romantic than being married under the summer sunshine, in a French Chateau, surrounded by all your friends and family? “It was even more magical having our friends and family stay with us for the whole week. It meant the celebration didn’t end! We had a chateau that catered for more than 20 people… so we had all our guests stay with us for a few days after the ceremony too. Our friends still talk about how wonderful it was, even now”

With all this in mind Oliver’s Travels is the luxury brand with the homely touch and personal feel that the luxury market has been waiting for. The fair marks a momentous occasion for the business, because now all their properties are available in one place – making the booking process easier and more enjoyable than it’s ever been. You can browse for that gorgeous French Chateau where you and your friends can be sipping wine in a vineyard as the sun goes down… Or you can take a look at the beautiful, breath-taking Caribbean villas that lead right onto the sea front.

Imagine a holiday where you pay less than a hotel, but can wake up in your own luxury, private villa surrounded by friends or family – with a beautiful swimming pool and stunning views. That’s the reality of holidaying in villas instead of hotels, many people find they prefer it as soon as they make the change.

After booking his first holiday in a French Chateau, founder Oliver realised just how amazingly good value these private villa accommodation choices could be – so decided to set up his own business to support chateau owners, and encourage people to ditch the hotels, and opt for something a bit more special and unique instead. Finding the perfect property is really important, because it shapes your holiday and your enjoyment of it. For some people, they want an intimate hideaway – such as a cottage in Scotland or a beautiful mountain apartment over looking the ocean in Italy, for others they want a huge villa where the kids can run wild – and the adults can relax. The range and sheer variety is something Oliver is especially proud of for his properties, as their books range from stately homes full of history and tales to tell, to French castles, and even beach side havens in the Caribbean. The properties are unique, quirky and never ordinary. Something that is reflected across the entire brand.


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