Armenia, Georgia, Myths & Mountains (Come2Georgia)

New exhibitor to The Luxury Travel Fair 2013, Armenia, Georgia, Myths & Mountains, specialises in providing unique, world-class travel expeditions worldwide. Company Director, Gerald Stone, told us what makes his company a must visit stand at this year’s Fair.

Gremi Citadel and church of Archangels. East Georgia- Kakheti province

Gremi Citadel and church of Archangels. East Georgia- Kakheti province

For those who are not familiar with your company, what areas of the globe do you specialise in?

My company’s main focus is ‘off the beaten track’ destinations. Our specific concentration is the South Caucasus, which include the countries of Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan.  The South Caucasus are tucked between the Black Sea to the west, Caspian Sea to the East, Greater Caucasus Mountains to the North, and the countries of Iran and Turkey to the South.

Mountain Ararat. South West from Yerevan ( Armenia), the ountain is presently in Turkey.

Mount. Ararat. South West from Yerevan ( Armenia)

What’s the most unique holiday experience that you offer?

The choices widely vary.  The Caucasus are a small but very diverse region and it is possible to dive into one thing or have a little of everything.  It could range from wine tours where you can study techniques dating back 5000 years, trekking in the greater Caucasus Mountains, All Terrain vehicle tours, paragliding from a mountain top, or just lying back at a beach resort.  Really, we can take any one activity or venue and customize it specifically for the customer.  The sky is the limit.

Davit Garedja Monastery. Frescoes from X-XII. South-east Georgia

Davit Garedja Monastery. Frescoes from X-XII. South-east Georgia

Which destination would be perfect for couples/honeymooners?

My first thought would be Batumi, Georgia, which lies on the Black Sea coast.  It is a beautiful place with many new resorts.  That said, our region is sprinkled with many romantic settings that could be customized and integrated into a program designed specifically for the couple according to their interests, time, and abilities.

Vanis Qvabebi. Cave monestry in South Georgia

Vanis Qvabebi. Cave monestry in South Georgia

Is there a specific destination that you feel is trending for 2013/2014?

That is difficult to assess for our region. Why? Tourism within the Caucasus has been developing rapidly, keeping pace with investment in infrastructure.  Therefore, every season there are more things to offer and we see people taking advantage of those new opportunities.  But, if I had to pin it down to a few things that seem to be popping up more and more, it would be:

  • Visiting organic wineries, participating in harvests, crushing grapes etc…
  • Creative tourism. (This is just starting in Georgia! Here, you are able to not only see the beautiful and historic sights, but also experience Georgian traditions, such as learning Georgian dancing, a wedding in Georgian style, and learning how to make traditional food)
  • Adventure tours such as trekking, rafting, horseback riding, cycling, etc…
Mtskheta, Georgia. (UNESCO sight)

Svetitskhoveli Cathedra, Mtskheta, Georgia. (UNESCO sight)

What are you most looking forward to at this year’s Luxury Travel Fair?

Generally, our primary clients are partner companies who are sending groups to our region. We also do quite a lot with FITS who many times sacrifice the experience for budget. Mainly, we are looking forward to working directly with clients who place “experience” as their number one priority.  Nothing is more rewarding than building the perfect program.  It will be especially good that we have the opportunity to actually meet the client face to face.  It will make the entire process much more personal than what we are accustomed. 


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